Monday, September 27, 2010


I think it would be far more appropriate to name this blog
for that more accurately describes my life!

More actual, posts about my strivings as a wife and mother and person...
SOON, I promise. That is, if anyone is still, even reading this thing!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This girly here is FOUR today and I just cannot quite believe it! We are all so grateful she came to join our family, what a HUGE blessing she has been and will always continue to be. She is loving, has a tender spirit, and I have already seen that she has many gifts that make her especially kind and charitable. We really are so lucky to have her and I feel completely honored to be her mother.

I am so grateful for God's complete wisdom in her timing as she came to join our family, His mercy and power in her birth, and His knowing exactly what I needed to learn (and am still learning) as a mother to this precious, sweet girl. When I look back on the beginning I wish I could have handled it all better and trusted Him a lot more...the beginning was one of the most challenging times of my life (and hers, I'm sure), but I truly wouldn't trade what I gained from those days and nights and minutes that were so difficult. From it I gained more patience (although, I am still working on that), a tremendous closeness to her, and an increased gratitude for the chance to be a mother to my children. My testimony grew tremendously as I saw He was the only one who could bring me peace and daily reassurance to just keep going. I have a solid and sure knowledge that He is aware of us, even during trying times and He knows what we need in order to grow and progress. He knows us intimately and loves us perfectly. I am so grateful He is in charge and that He blessed us with Elisabeth, she is exactly what we needed! I have gone back to these lessons I learned then, many times, but in the last six months this knowledge has brought me much needed comfort and I have been able to see again that Heavenly Father knows best...even if we may doubt our abilities at times, He sees very clearly what we need and blesses us accordingly, sometimes we just have to accept His will and TRUST.

Everything this girly says is CUTE, we all so enjoy listening to her, there are about five letter sounds she cannot pronounce and we all just find it completely adorable. My personal favorite she says a lot is..."I can't beweve it!" She starts preschool next month and she is so proud that it is her turn. She especially loves her big sister, Annie and I am so grateful they play so well's so fun to see their relationship and the memories they are making everyday. Her favorite movie is Pocahontas and she wants to be an Indian princess for Halloween this year. Her favorite color is pink. She took swim lessons this summer and did great, although she is very cautious. She loves chocolate ice cream, just like her Daddy, they share some almost daily. She is both graceful and hilarious when she dances...she does this ballet move and twirl and everyone says, "aww how cute" then she switches into this crazy shake and throws out her hips and shakes her bum and no one can help laughing. She dances in stores and loves to get down at home. When people ask her what her name is...she does the cutest little shrug off to one side and says, "Ewisabeth", it is so endearing. She is so excited about this baby coming and tells anyone and everyone, "My mommy's having a baby!" She wants a baby "hister" and wants her name to be "Harlot" (translation:Charlotte). She can push around a stroller for hours and takes care of her baby dolls and stuffed animals like a little pro. She can also be found reading books out loud on her bed, which I just love to see. She loves, loves, loves to be chased by her brothers and sister, by anyone really, but also takes it very seriously and gets really scared every time without fail and then she will call it off. I'm sure I'm leaving out tons of things about her that I love right now...but there's a decent list of what she's up to these days.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Our family's EXCITING news!

Most of you know, BUT in case you haven't heard yet...we are expecting a new baby in November. If you didn't know yet, don't feel too out of the loop, we didn't even tell the kids or our extended family until I was about 18 weeks along. I miscarried once, when I was 14 weeks along and so we always wait until we're past that, because of that past experience. Andy and I found out before Easter and decided we'd let this blessing "sink in" for awhile before we spread the word, besides, it's shorter for everyone else to find out 20 weeks in. I'm 21 weeks now and feeling good, just a bit more tired than usual. The kids are thrilled and all came to the ultrasound with us, although the girls were a bit disappointed, they were expecting to see their new sibling in a clearer picture...Elisabeth kept saying the baby looked like a dinosaur, ha! We decided this time to wait and be surprised by this tie-breaker (boy/girl) in the hospital...which will be fun, although we have taken some heat for that decision...some family is even convinced we know and just aren't telling, but I promise...we don't know!!! I made Andy lock eyes with me for that part. Here are some pics, if you're interested. We are so grateful for this sweet addition to our family!

Our doctor said our baby is so curled up in the fetal position, it would have taken some careful investigation to find out whether it's a boy or girl anyway. I'm sure this baby is just preparing for the two little mommies who cannot wait to meet him/her and examine/poke every tiny, precious part.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lost a Tooth

Annie is as proud as she can be to show off this beautiful, new gap in her mouth! She wiggled and wiggled this tooth and in the end her Dad couldn't help but help it along in it's final stages.

The Tooth Fairy around this neck of the woods is a tad bit unreliable, often she forgets to come by or I guess has too many houses to visit or maybe she is just TIRED! I have her email address though, and have been known to contact her for sometimes days in a row, in my disappointed, children's behalf and give HER a piece of my mind!!! I will say...when she does arrive, she sure does reimburse better than she did when I was a kid, Annie got a whole dollar and was thrilled as could be!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Annie graduated from Dixie College Preschool the end of April and then did a five week Summer Preschool that just ended yesterday.
We are so proud of her and all she has learned this year. She made some great friends and she is beginning to read better and better everyday...she loves to learn and to be social!

Annie with her best friend from school this year, Paige.

And this is her with the two college student aids that helped everyday, Ranelle and Chelsea, Annie seriously loves these two!

There was an adorable video clip of a song from graduation that I tried to post, several times, but to no avail...oh well.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Where in the world did MAY go???
It was such a busy month for our family...I started a new post May 5 and it's just been sitting unfinished, waiting to be published, mostly due to an adorable video clip that I could not get to upload. Well, after two days of trying off and on, I just gave up on it for a while. Today, I realized...a whole, entire month has gone by, kinda pathetic!


Here is a synopsis of MAY:

For me...weekend reunion with my five, best, girlfriends from college in SEATTLE, a total BLAST!

Then, there was BASEBALL...


and yet, MORE BASEBALL...

FYI...since I know you care...BASEBALL was a lot of fun this year, BUT pretty well consumed all of April and May...we literally had a practice or game or both every afternoon of the week, except for Sunday, for two months straight and I am not exaggerating. At all!

For Mother's Day weekend we headed to Flagstaff, AZ to surprise mi madre...Andy was on call, but it was a fun chance to see all but one of my siblings...missed you so much Jared! We totally pulled one over on my MOM, my Dad was even in on the surprise, of course she was the one taking this picture.

Finding lady bugs.

Elisabeth would have looked all afternoon and been perfectly happy.

Oh and to make for a wonderful Mother's Day for me, I lost Annie after church as we were getting ready to leave the cabin. I've never lost a child before, but I suppose, it was bound to happen, being that I am outnumbered and all...had to call 911 and all!

Next was...Andy's BIRTHDAY! Now if you ask the kids, it was his 26th...but we all know the real truth! He has convinced our kiddos that when you reach the ripe, old age of 30, that you go backwards from there, the boys get it, but humor him...the girls, totally believe him!

Why does it take at least two photos to get everyone looking right, I really need to learn photoshop (in all my spare time).

Then there were all the end of the school year parties, awards assemblies, etc...

***I'm sure you are tired of reading this post and I, frankly, am tired of writing it and finding the pics, so you'll just have to wait on the end of the school year/ Memorial Day Weekend/ Nathan's Birthday details***
Let's just hope it won't take me the whole month of June to post it, we'll see...won't we!

Monday, April 26, 2010


Yesterday we went on our weekly, Sunday afternoon walk on a paved trail here, close to our house...there were these black beetles everywhere (I think they were stink bugs, except for the fact, our kids were picking them up like crazy and never once got sprayed) oh well, they were some species of beetle, that are quite proficient at making more of their own kind. We came upon two of them that were, as Annie put it, "giving each other a piggy-back ride" I calmly and maturely stated that they were mating. Too which, Alec gave a little laugh and then Nathan said..."well I guess these two are on their honeymoon"...that made Andy and I both laugh out loud, since Nathan knows NADA about well, any of that. Andy then asked Nathan well what do people do on their honeymoons? Nathan replied..."they celebrate and just do anything that is FUN!" This made Andy laugh even more. We continued walking and Annie and Elisabeth kept pointing to all the beetles that were grouped by two (there were many) and said "oh look, they are on their honeymoons too!" They really were everywhere and so Andy and I decided maybe it was time to just go home...we obviously missed the sign that said: